Oso Electronics LLC

Expert Electrical Design Consulting

Oso Electronics is a full-service electronics design consultancy, experienced in the complete lifecycle of electronic product development.

Whether you need a product architecture, detailed design, PCB layout services, prototyping, bringup and test, or transition to production, we're here to help. 

Contact us today at sales@osoelectronics.com to discuss your needs.

Turnkey Electrical Design

System Design

We collaborate with you to understand your product requirements, construct a system architecture, and identify the most suitable technologies. 

Whether designing a standalone product or part of your system, we deploy our expertise in systems engineering to work through the details of how  your system will function prior to beginning the implementation.

At this stage we will help you pull together a "works-like" prototype or mockup. This early-stage model not only validates the design's feasibility but also allows for valuable customer feedback to be incorporated at the earliest stage of design. 

Electrical Design

Our team is equipped with in-house expertise to meticulously execute all aspects of your product's electrical design.

This includes schematic capture, PCBA design and layout, mechanical integration, harness design, and the generation of manufacturing documentation.

Depending on your specific requirements and the complexity of your design, we utilize either Altium Designer or KiCAD to ensure optimal results. 


We will collaborate with a contract manufacturer to construct your prototypes followed by a complete bring-up and functional testing of the prototype including writing any software needed to exercise the design's features. The result is a fully functional prototype, ready to scale to production.

Furthermore, we can either implement any required embedded software, or collaborate with your in-house software team to develop software requirements and an implementation roadmap.

Examples of our Work

We've successfully executed numerous projects, bringing our customer's ideas to life. Our past work spans a range of complexity from simple quick-turn 2-layer PCBAs, to 18-layer high complexity FPGA boards, to complete industrial robot control panels.

Expedite your design process today. Reach out to sales@osoelectronics.com and let us turn your concept into reality.

Drone flight controller with CAN, 100BASE-T Ethernet, integrated IMU and magnetometer, onboard barometer/pressure sensor, and payload power regulation. Included onboard Flash memory and a real-time clock for data logging. This was all integrated into an extremely compact rigid-flex assembly for optimized system size and weight.

Bluetooth reflectance spectrometer  with active illumination control. Integrated LiPo charging and power circuits, CCD AFE and clock generation, and Nordic microcontroller running Bluetooth stack.

Ethernet 1000BASE-T1 to 1000BASE-T media converter with power-over-data-line (PoDL) injection on the -T1 medium. Developed for a client in the automotive space to quickly develop with single-pair Ethernet devices connected to a conventional gigabit Ethernet switch.

Sensor breakout board for connecting up to twenty UART-based sensors (a mix of TTL UART, RS-232, and RS-485), analog sensors, and I2C sensors to a microcontroller. The microcontroller reads out all sensor data and then streams it over an upstream Ethernet link.